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1 - Crasher
2 - Radiofriendly
3 - Bottlerocket
4 - Lemondrop
5 - Overdriver
6 - Hopefully
7 - Happysad
8 - Blown
9 - Crushed
10 - Butterflykiss
11 - Comet
12 - Peachfuzz 

Astrobrite is an American shoegazing project by Scott Cortez (lovesliescrushing) which has included, Melissa Arpin-Duimstra, Mahogany (Andrew Prinz), Majesty Crush (Odell Nails), Dark Red, Paik (Rob Smith), Xebec (Doug Walker), Coaltar of the Deepers (Narasaki), (Jason Baron), Airiel, New Canyons (Andrew Marrah), Gel Set (Laura Callier), and other members.
Their sound has been compared mainly to that of My Bloody Valentine.
Astrobrite began in 1993 as a solo project and, in 1995, the band expanded in order to tour.
Astrobrite, as a live unit, went on an initial hiatus in 1997 and Scott Cortez moved to Toledo, Ohio, for six months.
During this self imposed sequestering he did not work, and only focused on recording material.
Early in 1998, he relocated to Chicago.

In 2001, Astrobrite's first album Crush was released, composed of material from the 95-97 period.
Alison's Halo, (Adam Cooper) mastered and mixed Crush and 8 Candy EP.

Later in 2001, Scott Cortez flew to Tokyo, Japan to play the Seven Winters shoegaze festival.  
The trip fostered relationships with the Japanese shoegazer community and enabled a return to Japan to record a studio version of "Crush", entitled "Supercrush", the recording featured (Narasaki) of Coaltar of the Deepers, Melt Banana (Watchman), and (Tak) Dive.

In 2004 Astrobrite was signed to Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan and released "Pinkshiny Ultrablast".

During this period from 2004-08, in addition to recording Astrobrite material, Cortez was recording and performing with STAR

In April 2007, a new album Whitenoise Superstar was released, followed by One Hit Wonder in 2008.

2011 saw the vinyl reissue of "Crush" on BLVD records, this prompted Cortez to consider performing as Astrobrite again.
Breaking another hiatus after nine years, Astrobrite played several live shows in the summer of 2012, including the Part time Punks Shoegaze fest in Los Angeles and the Beautiful Noise festival in 2013.

In October 2014, Astrobrite became a three piece group when Sophie Leigh Nagelberg (guitar, vocals), and Sarah Sterling (drums), joined the band.

In 2015 "Deluxer" was released on Vinyl Junkie and Astrobrite did a small tour of Japan in support of the release.


シックスサマナ 第21号 エクストリーム・クッキング

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