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The trial bus system which began operation on 11 February 2013, operated by Joshua’s Taxis, has been provided with feedback from customers, and as a result a new, revised timetable will come into effect – from Wednesday 22 May 2013.

The revised service will be more efficient and convenient for users. New routes have been introduced including two late night departures from Donny’s at the weekend. Home to Duty transport will also be shorter from Longwood, enabling a quicker journey into Jamestown. The least used journeys have also been removed, enabling a reduction of the subsidy required to run the transport system.

New timetables will be made available towards the end of this week, at the Tourist Office, Solomon’s, the Library and the Customer Care centre.


14 May 2013


ExCo sat this morning to consider a relatively light agenda, which is to be expected given purdah conventions. Only those items of agreed policy and considered urgent are being placed on the ExCo agenda. This is reflected in the reduced number of ExCos that will sit over the election period. This is the first ExCo I have chaired since the substantive Governor left the lsland on 22 April.

We started off with a paper seeking approval for an application for development permission for the proposed conversion of Sundale House into a Prison. It was a constructive discussion with a number of points made. I was advised by Members that they believed that they should not make a decision on this during the purdah period and wished to delay consideration of this until the new Council.

We then looked at a paper which sought approval to bring into force provisions which create the new Land Development Control Authority and the Land Development Appeals Tribunal. This allows the bodies to be consulted about draft Regulations. There will be the necessary checks and balances during this election period. If there are any parts of the Regulations which require stakeholder consultation, these parts will not be embarked upon during purdah. Councillors agreed to the provisions being brought into force.

ExCo then considered whether Social Security Regulations should be brought into force which would provide for an interim increase in Income Related Benefits and the Basic Island Pension. This increase had been previously announced in the Budget and it was thought to be against the public interest to delay the matter further. Councillors agreed to the increase, to be retrospectively applied from 1 April 2013. Specific details on the increases will be provided by the Directorate of Health and Social Welfare.

The final paper was administrative and sought to approve the addition of Sweden to the list of countries where Medical Practitioners could be registered and so legally practice in St Helena. The new Clinical Director is registered in Sweden, so it is timely that this be brought into force prior to his arrival on the Island. The Councillors were content to approve this change to the Medical Practitioners Regulations.

Having started at 09.30 we were able to conclude our business at 11.15.

Owen O’Sullivan

Acting Governor

14 May 2013


The Royal Navy’s RFA Black Rover will visit St Helena from Monday 20 to Thursday 23 May 2013. Captain I N Pilling and his crew of 58 will be visiting St Helena on a routine call, before embarking on wider regional engagements. RFA Black Rover is one of two Small Fleet Tankers owned and operated by the UK Ministry of Defence. Her sister ship is RFA Gold Rover.

She was built by Swan Hunters and launched in 1973. RFA Black Rover has served all over the world in support of UK and Allied Maritime Forces.

Her primary role is to replenish other naval assets at sea with diesel and aviation fuel.

SHG 13 May 2013



The Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin, published today, contains updates for Q1 annual rate of inflation of the Retail Price Index on St Helena, Population estimate and Visitor arrivals.

Annual inflation of the St Helena Retail Price Index (RPI) stood at 2.4 per cent in Q1 2013, the lowest rate in over seven years and a 1.4 % fall in the rate of annual inflation from the previous quarter. That is to say, the total price of the goods and services in the St Helena Shopping Basket is still increasing but at a lower rate than was seen in the previous quarter.

The resident population continues to grow. There is a temporary increase as a result of increasing numbers of Basil Read and expatriate workers living on Island for a period of six months or longer, but we are also seeing a steady trickle of Saints returning to live and work on the Island.

Visitor arrivals in the first three months of 2013 are up, compared to the same period, last year. The majority of arrivals on the RMS are Saints, both residents and those visiting friends and family or on a visit home from overseas employment.

The Statistical News Bulletin, along with other statistical reports, is available for download from the SHG website www.sainthelena.gov.sh/statistics

If you have requested a copy to be emailed and have not yet received it please contact the Statistics Office on 2138.


13 May 2013

                       GENERAL ELECTION 2013 - DATE

The Acting Governor Owen’ O’Sullivan has now agreed a date for the General Election 2013, which will take place on Wednesday 17 July 2013. In order to vote, or stand as a Candidate, your name must be on the Register of Electors. The Provisional Register of Electors was published on Wednesday 8 May 2013, and during a two week period it with be available for inspection and amendment by contacting the Assistant Registration Officer, Gina Benjamin, at 1 Main Street, (tel: 2314). Copies will also be available at the Customer Service Centre, Library and the rural sub post offices. The Provisional Register will be available for inspection and amendment until Friday 24 May 2013

Alternatively you can contact the following persons, for inspection of the Register or copies of forms:

Alicia Thomas, Jamestown

Olive Williams, Jamestown

Ronald Coleman, Levelwood

Alfreda Yon, St Pauls

Paula Moyce, New Ground, (SHG Transport Division)

Jane Augustus, The Briars

Brenda Thomas, Nr Gordon’s post, Alarm Forest

Connie Johnson, Half Tree Hollow

Karen Henry, Archives Office, the Castle

Sheridan Richards, Audit Service, Post Office Buildings

Vilma March, Audit Service, Post Office Buildings

Alfred Issac, Sandy Bay

You can apply to have your name added, or to correct your name, address, or Polling District. You are eligible to be registered if you satisfy all three of these conditions: • You have St Helenian Status or are the spouse or life partner of a person who has that Status; and • You are over 18 years old; and • You are in St Helena and St Helena is your ordinary place of residence. (If your normal home is in St Helena but you are temporarily absent, you might still be eligible to register – see below)

If you are temporarily absent from St Helena for the purposes of employment, education, or medical treatment, but you are otherwise eligible, you can still have your name registered. This only applies if you have been absent for less than 30 months and have been absent for less than 625 days in the last 30 months. There is a special form to be used, and this is available from the Assistant Registration Officer, or by email from: cofcouncils@sainthelena.gov.sh.

There are some exceptions to voting, such as mental incapacity or someone serving a prison sentence of 12 months or more. Those who are on the Electoral Register but off Island at the time of the General Election will be able to vote by Proxy. Further details on this process will follow. Each voter will be able to select up to 12 Candidates in the Election this year. However, in order to vote or stand as a Candidate your name must be on the New Electoral Register.


13 May 2013


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